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Sell your Screenplay and Save the World’s Trees

At least, that’s what is hoping that you’ll be able to do. Every year, according to this new organization, screenwriters print out 180 million sheets of paper in their efforts to sell their stories.

Within six months of its web site launch, Green Writer hopes to save half that amount, or 90 million pages, by providing a place for screenwriters to freely upload their work in various formats.

Daniel Riser, founder of, spoke to triplepundit – people planet profit, he said: “I had just finished a screenplay that took me two years to complete. Rather than print it out, I wanted to find an online venue. I was shocked to find nothing but online scams charging $60 to $1500 to upload a PDF with the “promise” that a few producers might read it. Immediately, I shelved my screenplay and started developing my own website. As my research progressed I discovered about 180 million sheets of paper were printed every year by the screenwriting industry alone. That’s when Greenwriter really found its voice.”

An excellent resource for writers looking to get their scripts to the right people — without all the printing and mailing hassles.

So for all the future screenwriters out there, you now know what to do!

To continue reading Daniel Riser’s interview click HERE

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Project Pinewood

Project pinewood

When film-makers need to shoot a sequence in New York, they must cart their whole production to the Big Apple. Similarly, if they want to capture a shot or two in Rome, the crew and all their equipment head for Italy. You get the picture; travel is a huge, expensive necessity of the film-making process.

But Pinewood Studios one of the largest film and television production facility providers in the world, with studios at Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington are planning to change all that

With project pinewood the studio are planing to create a living and working community for creatives consisting of 1,400 sustainable new dwellings situated in the re-created streets of New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Paris. This somewhat bizarre, inhabitable film-set will mean crews will be able to shoot city scenes without having to build wasteful, one-off sets or transport film crews to foreign cities. Pinewood hope that the project will bring about a maximum of 77% reduction in emissions for the average film or commercial (quite optimistic).

As one of the world’s most esteemed studios for UK film production, it is a responsible move in the right direction.

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