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The films most likely to “save the world” in a minute

Watch this, it only takes 1 minute! You can say a lot in 1 minute, and hopefully save the world while you’re at it. 1minutetosavetheworld.com is an international short film competition on climate change.

Amongst judges were Franny Armstrong (director of The Age of Stupid), Bruce Parry (presenter of TV’s Tribe), Mark Lynas (author of Six Degrees) and Shekhar Kapur (director of Elizabeth)

The competition was backed by Greenpeace, Unite for Climate, World Development Movement and nef (new economics foundation).

A paper boat, talking cats and a polar bear playing video games were yesterday voted as the best short films likely to “save the worl in a minute.”

The winning films will be shown later this year at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, with the overall winner receiving a handy £1,000.

Below are four of the category winners, including the overall best film, Paper Boat by Arun Rose.

Who gets your vote?

Best Film – Paper Boat

Runner-up – Bear in mind

Best film by a professional – When I am 18

Best youth film – Stop global war-ming

Best viral film – Cats against climate change

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London to become the “greenest” city for filming

Actor Alistair McGowan, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Actress Emma Thompson and Chief Executive of Film London Adrian Wootton launch 'Green Screen London' at City Hall on February 5, 2008 in London, England

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is backing Green Screen, a newly published guide unveiled at the latest Cannes International Film Festival.

Green Screen is an initiative to help encourage environmentally friendly filming in the capital. It was launched in February 2008 to help film, TV and commercial producers cut climate change emissions in the capital. Supported by the London Filming Partnership, Green Screen has developed a practical package of support for film-makers.

London is continuing to lead the way on tackling climate change and Green Screen is part of a number of sector specific campaigns contributing to the Mayor’s ambitious aim to cut the capital’s emissions by 60 per cent by 2025. Green Screen provides a range of information and guidance and underlines the commitment within the industry to making London the world’s greenest place to film in.

Following extensive research in consultation with some of the leading companies and names in the film, TV and commercial production sector, the Mayor of London and Film London have produced a user-friendly and practical guide.

Many of the ideas in Green Screen will not only cut carbon emissions but also deliver significant financial savings without sacrificing artistic quality.

Boris Johnson said: “Film is an absolutely crucial industry to London’s economy and cultural life. This is not about compromising the quality of productions or hampering creative endeavour – we know the industry is concerned about climate change and we can make it the world’s greenest place in which to film.

“Green Screen contains really practical information on how to reduce emissions and what’s more, save money in the process through reduced energy bills. The film industry can play an important role in creating the new low-carbon economy. In a sector known for being imaginative and forward looking, this is another area that studios, producers and creative talent can take the lead.”

Oscar winning actress, Emma Thompson, also backed the campaign she said: “Our planet is our most precious resource and we all have a role to play, both individually and collectively, in helping to preserve it for future generations. It is really great that the film and TV industry has come together to show leadership but also take real action on this critical issue as it’s time for warm words to translate into action and as of today I will be making changes in my own working practice to reduce my carbon footprint and fully play my part in helping make our industry greener and cleaner.”

The Mayor of London’s most recent ‘Green Screen’ report revealed that 125,000 tonnes of CO2 is emitted by this sector per year (that’s the equivalent of 24,000 households) the breakdown of the London screen industry’s emissions consists of 40% from studio production, and 17% from location shooting. Finally, it also indicated that London is the third busiest centre for movie production.

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The Age of Stupid – the world’s most ecofriendly premiere

The Age of Stupid

For the release of her film The Age of Stupid Franny Armstrong insisted on the premiere being a ‘0-footprint’ affair.
Indeed, big names like Vivienne Westwood turned up on a bicycle, rickshaw and electric car rather than in a limo.

The cinema was powered by the sun, and the usually luxurious red carpet replaced by one that is green and fashioned from recycled bottles.

The premiere of the film, which sees Postlethwaite play a man living in 2055 looking back at footage from the present day and considering why humanity did not save itself from climate change, was also broadcast at over 60 cinemas and venues across the UK.

All of the profits from the event are set to go towards the Not Stupid campaign, which has been created to raise awareness of climate change in the run-up to December’s major summit on the topic in Copenhagen.

With over 16,000 film fans attending the live screening of the premiere across the UK, and Guiness Book of World Records confirming The Age of Stupid screening as the largest ever film premiere, filmmakers succeeded where other climate change films have failed – the “earnest” 11th Hour , which featured Leonardo DiCaprio, and Al Gore’s lecture, An Inconvenient Truth — to galvanise cinema-goers into action.

As the environment begins to hit our news pages more and more, we must consider the changes, choices and approaches to creative output, this premiere shows us that it’s actually possible to launch the largest film premiere without making any “footprint” on our planet.

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The Green Screen

Welcome to the Green Screen,

Climate change is impossible to ignore, and every industry needs to look at how they operate in relation to this issue. But how is the global film industry adapting to reduce its impact on the environment?  Who are the celebrities involved in the cause ? Can Cinema ever truly be green ?

This blog will focus on how environmental issues are affecting filmmaking today.

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