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La Mission Opens the 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival In Hollywood

The 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival opened this week in Hollywood bringing together films and audiences to raise awareness humanity, animals and the environment through activism.

This year the festival starts with eco-friendly and powerfull movie La Mission starring Benjamin Bratt and Jeremy Ray Valdez, directed and written by Peter Bratt. The film takes us to the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco as we follow the story of Che, his son Jesse, the new neighbor next door and the “Mission Boyz”, through a whirlwind of social issues.

With the help of Reel Green Media, La Mission was an eco-friendly set, from waste diversion to no water bottles and of course, green product placement.

The Artivist Film Festival takes place between December 1-5 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and will screen more than 40 short and feature films from around the globe. For more information, visit the official site here.

– ARTIVIST: is a unique word for Advocate Artists.
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Are there any “green” horror movies ?

We already know about eco-disaster movies, eco-friendly movies for children or simply documentaries about the environment and ecology.

However has anyone ever heard of green horror movies?

In the following extract taken from Mother Nature Network website, eco-blogger, Matt Hickman, Talks about “eco-horror films out there that hopefully won’t make your stomach churn or leave you too scared to take out the recycling after 10 p.m.” :

A warning: You won’t find any deep environmental messages aside from “be nice to Mother Nature or else …” in these movies although some are more serious than others. I’m a bit of a scary movie nut myself so I’m glad to make a few recommendations.

“Animals gone bad” films may be a good place to start if you’re weary of anything involving the supernatural or serial killers. Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is a staple in the genre and still flat-out terrifying. I saw it at a young age and it stayed with me. So long in fact, that last year when I was on a road trip along the California coast with friends, we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break in Bodega Bay and I refused to get out of the car in fear of an avian attack.Arachnophobia is also a classic sure to make your skin crawl and we mustn’t forget Jaws although a more recent scary shark flick, Open Water, gave me an in-theater panic attack. One of the better murderous animal films I’ve seen recently was Rogue about a bloodthirsty Aussie croc, but if you’re looking for old-school camp, try Day of the AnimalsAnd if you’re curious about the dangers of genetic engineering, watch Jurassic Park.

Moving on from fauna to flora, murderous, possessed trees always give me the chills because, well, I don’t really expect it. Watch The Evil Dead or Poltergeist if you want to have nightmares about Douglas firs. And while we’re on the homicidal plant tip, two films, The Ruins and The Happening, will have you keeping a distance from your houseplants for at least a week.

On the more-creepy-than-scary list is one of my favorite cult flicks, The Wicker Man (the original, not the so-bad-it’s-funny Nic Cage remake). In short, it’s about what happens when a group of sexed-up Scottish pagans are let down by Mother Nature. What happens? Well, I’ll let you find out.

To continue reading the article follow this link

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Project Pinewood

Project pinewood

When film-makers need to shoot a sequence in New York, they must cart their whole production to the Big Apple. Similarly, if they want to capture a shot or two in Rome, the crew and all their equipment head for Italy. You get the picture; travel is a huge, expensive necessity of the film-making process.

But Pinewood Studios one of the largest film and television production facility providers in the world, with studios at Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington are planning to change all that

With project pinewood the studio are planing to create a living and working community for creatives consisting of 1,400 sustainable new dwellings situated in the re-created streets of New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Paris. This somewhat bizarre, inhabitable film-set will mean crews will be able to shoot city scenes without having to build wasteful, one-off sets or transport film crews to foreign cities. Pinewood hope that the project will bring about a maximum of 77% reduction in emissions for the average film or commercial (quite optimistic).

As one of the world’s most esteemed studios for UK film production, it is a responsible move in the right direction.

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Why Green filmmaking is important ?


First things first, I thought it would be appropriate to start this blog by saying why green filmmaking is important.

There is no doubt that making every industry, and every aspect of our own lives, a little more environmentally friendly is extremely important.

However, greener film industry can not only have direct environmental impact, it can also have an impact on movie-goers, television watchers, and all participants in the entertainment industry.

Here are some reasons why I believe the film industry is a great target for greening:

It’s a huge polluter

Big budgets, extravagant sets and demanding film stars- the film shoot can be a very wasteful place. With the transportation by vehicle of entire film crews, and the disposable props and bottled water of film sets (not to mention entire large-scale sets being built and thrown away- think of the entire freeway that was built for the Matrix sequels), the sustainability of film-making appears to be a pressing issue.
In addition to that a 2006 study done by the University of California Los Angeles concluded that Hollywood represented a major contributor to poor air quality in Los Angeles. The movie industry was found to produce more emissions than aerospace manufacturing, apparel, hotels or semiconductor manufacturing (which are other major industries in the five-county region surrounding and including Los Angeles)

It’s visible

By its nature the entertainment industry is in the public eye. Movies made according to green filming best practices and films with environmental themes raise awareness about environmental issues in a way that other media can’t.

It’s a role model

For better or worse, people follow celebrity trends. Celebrity endorsements have already had major effects on other causes, such as getting out the vote. Hollywood can also serve as a positive green role model not only to individuals but to other industries. By demonstrating environmentally friendly practices and having characters engage in eco-conscious activities, films can have an effect on how people act in their own lives.

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The Green Screen

Welcome to the Green Screen,

Climate change is impossible to ignore, and every industry needs to look at how they operate in relation to this issue. But how is the global film industry adapting to reduce its impact on the environment?  Who are the celebrities involved in the cause ? Can Cinema ever truly be green ?

This blog will focus on how environmental issues are affecting filmmaking today.

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