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Sunday Times reveals hypocrisy as practised by the “green” celebrities

Celebrities are going green for the sake of the planet, or at least that’s what they’d have us believe. In fact, as far as the glitterati are concerned, green is the new black.

You can hardly open a glossy magazine these days without some celebrities talking about their hybrid motor, carbon offsetting scheme or backyard wind farm.

All of which is a good thing, it’s great when public figures bring attention to important issues. But it’s even better when their lives can truly reflect their intentions.

The Sunday Times Online posted an article this weekend on some of the raging eco-hypocrisy rampant in Hollywood these days.

Sheryl Crow, John Travolta, Trudie Styler, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Harrison Ford and others are taken to task for not walking their talk. Among the egregious offenses are Crow’s 30 person entourage which followed behind her biodiesel tour bus in 13 gas-powered vehicles as well as Al Gore’s bill for heating his indoor swimming pool.

Several celebs (e.g: American actress Jennifer Aniston) were also outed for flying a variety of hairstylists and chefs halfway across the world for single events.

To read the full article for more revelations click HERE

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